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Comcast Beltway

Comcast received a major boost this week in its efforts to expand broadband internet access in rural areas. 

Governor Larry Hogan announced that Comcast will receive $9.6 million to enhance networks and connectivity in Charles County, as well as $7.7 million for Baltimore County. The grants were part of $127 million that was awarded across the state.

“We’re proud to partner with Charles County, Baltimore County and the State of Maryland to bring our advanced services, including gigabit speed broadband service, to unserved county residents,” said Michael Parker, Senior Vice President of Comcast’s Beltway Region. “These partnerships will bolster the hundreds of millions of dollars Comcast invests every year to connect residents and businesses to our smart, fast and reliable network. Technology is a powerful driver of innovation, entrepreneurship and economic growth, and we’re committed to helping individuals and communities fully participate in the digital economy.”

Expanding internet access is a primary goal for Comcast throughout the region. It also offers free and discounted Internet service through the Affordable Connectivity Program , which provides eligible low-income households with a credit up to $30 per month toward the cost of Internet and/or mobile service.

To help spread the word and explain the process, Comcast is hosting a series of ACP awareness events throughout the summer. Visit the Comcast Beltway website for dates, times and locations of upcoming events.

If there’s an issue moving to the forefront of our region’s utility industry, you can bet that Robert Glidewell is in the know. 

After coming from a large utility provider to join G.S. Proctor & Associates in 2017, Robert has proven to be an incredibly valuable asset to our team and to our clients — particularly in the areas of regulated utilities, competitive energy suppliers, nuclear, natural gas, solar and wind generation. He also provides clients with strategic assistance with mergers and acquisitions, as well as land use and regulation matters.

He’s a tireless advocate for our clients, and we’re fortunate to have him on our team. He understands the needs of business owners, in part, because he is one. Robert turned a boyhood fascination with airplanes into an aviation business that has been successfully operating for more than 15 years.

Read this insightful Q&A to learn what motivates Robert — on the ground and in the air.

What’s a typical day like for you at G.S. Proctor & Associates?
A typical day starts the night before. I’ll review what meetings and client calls are scheduled for the next day and prepare discussion topics and also make sure I’m up to date on any relevant national or local news that could impact the client(s). 

Most of the clients I work with on a typical day are subject matters experts themselves, so I try to listen and learn from them, so that I can effectively communicate our client’s positions to elected officials and other stakeholders. I firmly believe that to be an effective lobbyist you have to thoroughly learn your client’s position and issues to be able to effectively communicate with and influence folks. 

What professional accomplishment are you most proud of? 
From a legislative success standpoint, without a doubt it was the passage of the STRIDE law, which covered replacing aging utility infrastructure in a much more accelerated manner, while authorizing regulators to allow for contemporaneous cost recovery for my client and employer. That law dramatically increased public safety, stabilized utility bills to prevent rate shock, and led to the creation of hundreds, if not thousands, of new good-paying mostly union jobs in Maryland. That’s an accomplishment I’m very proud of. 

While I always hope to be successful in my advocacy for a client, I don’t always have the outcome I’d like. Learning to accept a loss while maintaining friendships and the respect of lawmakers is a win in and of itself. 

In your view, what makes G.S. Proctor & Associates such a successful firm?
Wow, what a great team I get to work with at G.S. Proctor. It’s a family and we treat each other like family. Each and every person I work with absolutely keeps a client-first attitude. Our diversity in background and experience allows us to meet the needs of almost any potential client; from land use, transportation, budget, energy and communications clients, we have a deep bench of experience with which to help our clients with. And we do it 24/7 for all of our clients, no matter their size. 

What are your favorite things to do outside of work?
Isn’t it always a dream to turn your passion (or hobby) into a business? I learned to fly when I was 15 because aviation was always fascinating to me. From the planes to the airports, I just loved every aspect of it. 

Fast forward through college and beginning the work phase of life, it didn’t leave much time for flying. Once things settled down, I decided I wanted to get back into flying. Airplanes don’t come cheap, and I knew there was a need for more aircraft in the commercial sector, so I decided to purchase an aircraft that I could use and was qualified to fly, but that also had a need in the commercial aircraft sector. I formed Glidewell Aviation 16 years ago to do just that.

From that first aircraft to the fleet I now operate, it went from a hobby to a full-fledged business. I supply aircraft to the flight training market and also the light freight sector. Most flight schools don’t have the capitalization to own a fleet of aircraft, so that’s where I come in and supply their aircraft on a “wet lease” basis. 

It’s a lot of work keeping all those planes maintained, painted, new engines, upgrades, etc. Aviation is a growing sector, the demand for more pilots is unprecedented and there are not enough schools or aircraft to train those student pilots at a rate quickly enough to replace pilots who are retiring. 

Working in the aviation world keeps me at the cutting edge of new technologies, environmental and regulatory changes, but it also makes me subject to the very frustrating supply chain issues we are facing, as well as the unprecedented levels of inflation and cost of fuel. I pay almost double per gallon what you pay at the pump to fill up your car, so you can imagine how that impacts my business. Electric-powered light aircraft are very close to emerging into the mainstream market; I plan on being first in line when they are approved and available. 

Abigail Poindexter

College is a pivotal time in a young person’s life. 

It’s an opportunity to develop the work ethic it takes to build a successful career and become a leader while balancing the demands and responsibilities that life will throw at you. Abigail Poindexter, one of our summer interns, is well on her way.

A Maryland native, she’ll be a senior at the University of Mississippi this fall, making the final push toward her bachelor’s degree and setting a path for graduate school and the professional life that follows. She’ll do it all while completing her collegiate career as a student-athlete.

Working with our team this summer, she’ll get the opportunity to see policy, politics and government in action, adding knowledge and skills that she’ll take with her into the next chapter of her life.

Get to know Abigail better in this quick Q&A:

Where are you from originally? 
I am originally from Annapolis, and I have lived here my entire life. 

How did you get connected with your internship at G.S. Proctor & Associates?
I got connected with G.S. Proctor & Associates through a family friend in Annapolis, who suggested that I look into the lobbying firm since I am majoring in political science with an emphasis on government and policy.

What interested you most about this position?
This was an amazing opportunity to exercise my knowledge about politics and policy making and to apply it when working with clients. Being a student-athlete has taught me significant leadership and teamwork skills that I use everyday when sharing my input for projects while working alongside G.S. Proctor & Associates. 

What are you studying in school?
This upcoming year, I will be a senior at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss). I am majoring in political science with an emphasis on government and policy, while on the pre-law track. I am also the senior captain on the University of Mississippi Women’s lacrosse team. 

What are your primary professional goals for the future?
I plan to go to law school upon graduation. Then, after passing the bar exam, I hope to pursue a career as an attorney practicing maritime law.