Part of our philosophy as a firm is that we want to do all we can to nurture and grow the next generation of young leaders. So we usually have at least one or two interns on staff, learning the ropes and gaining valuable professional experience.

This week, we’re saying goodbye to an intern with whom we have thoroughly enjoyed working this summer. Alan Robinson joined our team two months ago as he prepares to enter his second year of law school at Howard University on August 16.

Alan is a native of Springdale, MD, and received his undergraduate degree from the University of Miami. He’s been eager to learn and soak up knowledge each day. 

His future is bright, and we’re happy to shine a spotlight on him in our latest Q&A:

What have been your primary responsibilities during this internship?
I have had the luxury of being able to spend most of my summer learning from all of the talented partners and associates at G.S. Proctor. 

Joseph Green has a brilliant mind and has provided me with a lot of guidance on how to conduct research. Trey Proctor has also been an invaluable mentor who was able to explain the lobbying business to me in a way that made sense. Monroe Harrison was also another role model that provided me with a lot of wisdom on working at a corporate level. Sherrie Sims was also instrumental in teaching me how to research government funding projects and take advantage of opportunities that the government provides. 

Ewa and Kelly, my fellow intern class, also provided me with guidance and information about a lot of things happening at the firm. Ewa especially was invaluable in providing me with the tools necessary to be successful in completing projects at the firm. 

I also had positive interactions with everyone else at the firm, including meeting Michelle at the Democratic BBQ Bash and communicating with Erica and Tatiana via phone and email. 

Mr. Proctor has been a guiding light for me this summer. While he is a very busy man, he constantly sets an example of what a leader should look like and has gone out of his way to make me feel valued as an intern at G.S. Proctor. 

What have been the biggest lessons learned?
I have always been extremely passionate about investing. However, at G.S. Proctor, I was able to get a glimpse into the political work that goes into acquiring investment opportunities. While the stock market provides real-time quotes on the market value of a stock, valuing politicians, relationships and information is an equally complex process. 

Do any memorable moments stand out?
The most memorable moment I had was attending the Democratic BBQ bash. Seeing the green G.S. Proctor logo plastered at the top of every poster and watching politicians acknowledge Mr. Proctor was extremely inspiring. The love that Mr. Proctor received at that event provided me with the courage to know that I can achieve anything I set my mind to.

What are your professional goals for the future?
My personal goal is to work at a law firm doing Cryptocurrency regulation. I have some long-term ideas about the implementation of Crypto products in Prince George’s County. However, I will need to put the work in on the regulatory side in order to be able to provide value on how to accomplish that longer-term goal. 

What do you most enjoy doing outside of work and school?
In my free time, I love to learn about new innovative technologies and investment opportunities. As technology rapidly advances, I believe that this will open up a new wave of opportunities for both Americans and individuals around the world. I genuinely enjoy being a part of the Global Macroeconomic community and engaging in lively debate about what will happen in the future.