We have always been committed to providing the highest levels of service for our clients each day. Yet a key part of our success is that we are always laying the groundwork for future prosperity — for our firm and for our clients.

Critical to that forward-thinking mission is finding, hiring and grooming promising young talent like Tatiana Alston. She joined G.S. Proctor, Inc., in late 2019, fresh out of college and currently has the dual roles of Government Relations Specialist and Legislative Assistant to the Vice President.

Her passion and drive are incredible. She works hard, she’s eager to learn and she has very quickly become an integral part of our team at G.S. Proctor & Associates. Read the brief Q&A below to get to know Tatiana and see a glimpse of our bright future.

How long have you worked for G.S. Proctor & Associates?
I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in December 2019, earning a double major in Political Science, with a concentration in civil rights, and Africana Studies. I then began working at G.S.Proctor & Associates, Inc., in February 2020, just over a month and a half before the pandemic.

What gets you excited to start work each day?
Firstly, I am filled with gratitude and blessed to be working with such exceptionally gifted
people. G.S. Proctor & Associates has provided me the opportunity to work in such an
interconnected environment that I have never had the pleasure to experience before.

Secondly, I am beyond ecstatic that each day, I get to wake up and work with our
amazing clientele and community members, while working on numerous projects that
have meaningful impacts that ripple throughout every facet of our social world.

Overall I am just thankful that I am able to combine my work and passion for creating
systemic change.

What professional accomplishment are you most proud of?
Since I recently graduated college in December of 2019, I would say working here at
G.S. Proctor and adapting to the ever changing virtual/pandemic world has been an
amazing accomplishment, in itself. Additionally, I treasure the opportunity I had to speak
at a Black Lives Matter rally in Washington D.C.

In your view, what makes G.S. Proctor & Associates such a successful firm?
I believe that what makes G.S. Proctor & Associates successful is first and foremost our
ability to bring forth value to our clients and community members. Our president, Steve
Proctor, successfully intertwines his leadership with meaningful relationships through
building and fostering relationships with ease. He truly is an integral part of why our firm
is as amazing as it is.

What are your favorite things to do outside of work?
Outside of work, I love to wear many hats: I love creating digital artwork, dancing,
listening to music and creating choreography, while spending time with my family and
friends. I also love anything to do with Harry Potter!

Best advice you were ever given?
The best professional advice I was ever given was to “bring value” and to “embrace
failure.” As bringing value to the forefront allows people to, in return, feel valued. Which
fosters long-lasting relationships and allows the opportunity to exceed expectations.

Embracing failure is just as valuable as, if not more valuable than embracing success.
Continuing the effort of starting over or possessing the ability to learn and decide a new
route is paramount in a successful career.

What are you most looking forward to doing now that pandemic restrictions are easing?
When the world finally reopens, I am looking forward to traveling. More specifically I’m
looking forward to being able to celebrate my birthday this August in Las Vegas! I am
also looking forward to going to entertainment events (I’ve missed them so much) and
of course seeing my friends and family again!