The budget took center stage last week in Prince George’s County during a pair of virtual sessions as leaders set the agenda for fiscal year 2022.

The county’s Committee of the Whole convened virtually for a Budget Work Session. And on Tuesday, the Prince George’s County Council held a virtual meeting in which citizens were invited to share their perspectives on the Proposed FY 2022 Operating Improvement Budget along with the Prince George’s County Board of Education Portion of the County FY 2022 Operating Budget.

County residents of all backgrounds and businesses attended the meeting, and 25 registered speakers were allotted three minutes. Many used their time to advocate for support for their businesses or causes. 

The council is striving to help the county navigate new realities created by COVID-19 and to chart a course for moving forward into a post-pandemic reality.

Visit the Prince George’s County Commissioners’ website to view the full session.