The coffee was real. The meeting was virtual. The discussion was engaging and optimistic.

Prince George’s County Council Chairman Calvin S. Hawkins II met with a collection of G.S. Proctor & Associates clients on Friday to share his vision for the county and answer questions from the attendees.

With the 2021 Legislative Session concluding earlier this month, this was the perfect opportunity for Hawkins and many of the county’s key business leaders to assess the impact that recent legislation will have on the county. It was also a chance to lay the groundwork for important issues and initiatives yet to come.

“We want to thank Chairman Hawkins, as well as everyone who joined us for this event,” G.S. Proctor & Associates President and Chief Executive Officer Steve Proctor said. “We want to do everything we can to foster thoughtful, productive conversations between our clients and local leaders.”

The hourlong session included more than two dozen attendees, representing a wide range of industries. Each brought unique perspectives to the conversation. 

For our clients, it’s one more way that we can ensure that their voice is heard and that they continue to be part of the discussion as leaders at every level make decisions that shape the future of our region.