Even when you know all the great work that a client does, it can still be impressive to hear it when it’s all listed out together.

That’s what we got last week when leadership from our wonderful client Melwood gave a presentation to the Charles County Commissioners, another G.S. Proctor & Associates client.

Melwood President and CEO Larysa Kautz, along with Vice President of Government Relations Jewelyn Cosgrove and Director of Community Engagement Marchesa Whittington gave the commissioners an overview of Melwood’s past, present and future. They made a special point to highlight the win-win situations created by connecting people with disabilities with job opportunities throughout the region.

The vision of Melwood as an organization is to create a world where people with disabilities are fully included. To that end, since its founding in 1963, Melwood has worked with both children and adults to integrate them into every aspect of society.

“We serve people with disabilities in every possible way that we can — to live, work and play in the community,” Kautz said. 

Melwood now serves more than 2,500 individuals with disabilities across Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. It coordinates employment for more than 1,000 people. Through Camp Accomplish, more than 500 children discover fun and adventure together.

The organization also uses its beautiful properties to host retreats for veterans, field trips for school children and outings for corporate teams.

The commissioners were extremely receptive to the presentation and eager to find opportunities to visit, collaborate and connect businesses with Melwood’s jobs services program.

“People don’t know all the work that you do for so many folks out there — and also in Prince George’s County — but I think you’re to be commended for it,” Commissioner Gilbert “B.J.” Bowling said. “I’m proud to support you.”